Our People

We’re there when our clients need us most
We help our clients determine if their LDAR program is on the right path working toward their compliance goals.

Up-to-the-Minute Project Reporting
Healthy partnerships are established when everyone has access to information. Our online reporting system offers our clients anytime access to their work-in-progress projects. We have accurate and in-depth recordkeeping, a repetitive QA process and continuous internal auditing that clients can view any time. Our precise and visible recordkeeping system keeps clients apprised on their projects at all times.

Frequency of Reporting
Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports are continually being processed to ensure compliance and budgetary goals are being met. We make sure we’re in front of our client’s due diligence and find any potential financial siphons.

Cost Optimization
Daily, weekly and monthly internal reports are processed showing vendor price comparisons, monies spent, monies saved and objectives vs. needs/demands. All reports are communicated to each management team and are Q/A’d, verified, and then discussed. By researching, controlling, monitoring and then communicating our spending in relation to our clients’ needs, we are confident we get the best prices while performing the highest quality of work.

Frugal Culture
We spend money wisely, such as intentionally operating out of a central hub to keep overhead costs low, keeping a lean management structure, and generally maintaining a frugal culture. We ensure financial sustainability in these ways, and naturally extend this ethic to our clients.

Educated & Consistent Workforce
Dexter ATC expects technicians to also function as consultants and invests in their training and career development. As a result, we have a consistent workforce that creates an internally strong knowledge base while offering greater productivity to our clients because they do the job right the first time.

People, Processes & Clients
Dexter ATC instills accountability into all areas affecting our company. Internally, clear expectations are set for safety, cost accounting, work practices, compliance, and employees to ensure accountability is sustained across the organizational structure. Externally, Dexter ATC understands that our clients hold us to the same level of accountability. By operating with high accountability, Dexter ATC is taking care of the whole business which gives our clients piece of mind.



Brett Kriley, President

Provides Business Acumen

Brett’s multi-functional background in process engineering, HSE, and air consulting equips him with the unique ability to provide a full circle view of the demands of the LDAR business, and has earned Dexter ATC Field Services placement on the Inc. 500 list in 2010. His expertise has provided depth in the company by fostering a process-driven, compliance sustainability approach to services.

Judah Fontenot, Business Development Director

Technical Know-How

Judah’s emphasis on integration of safety as a core work practice starts from an employee’s first 90 days, growing safety mentors in every region of Dexter ATC, and is highlighted with Project Manager and Executive buy-in. These joined efforts have resulted in Dexter ATC exceeding one million man-hours in 2017 and no lost time injuries since establishment.

With Judah’s 25 years of LDAR specialization, Dexter ATC clients get first-hand and highly granular knowledge of what makes a sustainable and compliant program. This benefits the client because they can rely on his guidance throughout the process of implementing a new program, to improving their existing program. His “boots-on-the-ground” approach to implementation saves clients time and money.

Nick James, Director of Operations

Staff Leadership

Joining Dexter in 2007 as a field technician, Nick developed the tried-and-true belief in accountability and performance. Now in charge of Dexter ATC’s field technicians, he has infused Dexter ATC’s culture with the value to exceed client expectations within budget.

Nicole Morrow, Director of Support Services

Service Consistency and Continuous Improvement Processes

Nicole’s integrated approach to systems development, support services, and continuous improvement processes stem from her full-range 20 years LDAR career – encompassing project management, compliance reporting, and human resource management. Nicole understands the importance of effective and efficient support services to ensure sustained success of internal and external customers. In her role as Director of Support Services, she leverages her determination and leadership to optimize Dexter ATC’s HR, IT, and Administrative Support departments to achieve our vision of consistent service excellence and continuous process improvement.