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Dexter ATC provides air quality consultancy services to industrial clients in the refinery, petrochemical, oil and gas, biofuels, and ethanol industries. From leak detection and repair (LDAR) to air permitting, our services include rule applicability, program development and implementation, regulatory negotiations, and maintenance.

We help companies gain greater control of their records, identify trends that may trigger an audit, and communicate solutions simply and clearly. We also offer a wealth of resources to sustain operations, including EPA regulatory guidance with workflows, processes, and procedures.

An industry-recognized leader, Dexter ATC focuses on providing cost-effective, efficient services while maintaining environmental compliance.

Leak Detection & Repair

Sampling & Inspection

Green House Gases

Data Management



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We are industry’s best friend, handling every facility concern from BWON and LDAR to database management, reporting, and emissions inventory. Our trained, knowledgeable staff are consistent, persistent and ready to serve you.